A medium sized dog (48-60 cm), well proportioned and solidly built, which demonstrates vitality and lightness of movements. The hair is short and flat, the colour chamois yellow, lighter, medium or darker, plain or with white spots in the front, chest, neck, feet and tail. The head is in good proportion with the rest of the body, the lines of the skull (60%) and the face (40%) converging, it looks strong and square when faced. The stop is well marked, at an angle of 90 - 100 degrees. Ears are triangular, flat and set high on the skull, but worn hanging, medium sized and with a rounded tip.

Ch Mundo WW2000, Ch Port, TAN, Jói de Torres

Ch Int. Ch Port., Ch Bélg. Ch Eur 94, Ch Mundo WW 95 Estoril de Torres

Ch Port Hora de Torres

Ch WW2002 Ch Netherlands Ch Germany Ozi de Torres (Pt LZ)

Ch Port Trialer, Vice Ch S.Huberto Gaiato de Torres

Ch Port TAN Tuga de Torres

Jau de Torres

Ch Netherlands Pinha de Torres (F.LZ)

Ch Port Ch Int Nisa

The large, horizontal eyes, preferably dark, have a vivid and intelligent look. The muquous membranes must be well pigmented. The nostrils should be broad, black and well opened, forming a perfect rectangle with the nose notch, which should be horizontal, broad and straight, whereas the upper lip should be hanging, but not to low, showing a square profile and round corners, with slightly pleated lips. The neck is round and straight attached to the head at a 90 degrees angle. The back line should be straight and slightly higher in front than in the back, the body short and broad as well as the chest, giving the dog its characteristic compact look. Rounded feet and a open shoulder (120º), as well as a long and muscled thigh with not too short hamstring, are typical. The tail was usually cut, hiding the genitals, but according European conventions, nowadays perdigueiros have long tail, which must be no longer than hamstring.

Ch WW2000, Ch Port, TAN, Jói de Torres

Ch Port, Berlenga de Torres

Ch Port, Hora de Torres

Ch Port, Ch Bélg,Ch Mundo WW1995 Garça de Torres

Ch Port Pinta de Torres

Ch Port, Ch Esp, Ch Gib, Ch Brazil WW2000, 2003 2004 Maria Papoila de Torres

Ch Brazil Quercus de Torres (2 M - S.P. Brazil)

Ch NL Ch D Ozi e Pinha de Torres (Ft Lilian Zuurendonk)

Quixote de Torres (2 M - long tail)

Function and Behaviour

The Perdigueiro is an excellent dog to point, very affectionate and intelligent, a natural hunter who searches the game methodically, with pleasure and passion, at a moderate gallop or a light trot, adapting easily to any type of soil and climate. Very enduring, obedient and tenacious, the dog keeps constantly in contact with the master, that he does not loose out of sight. His highly developed nose permits the dog to take the wind, head high up in the air, to detect the game at a considerable distance, but also to follow carefully a track, adapting to the various situations to make the best of the emanations. As soon as the game as been detected and approached, the dog stops: head motionless pointing to the game, eyes fixed and ears on alert, the tail horizontal or slightly raised, all muscles under tension, indifferent to anything around him.

Hunting partridge near Torres Vedras

Ch Port, Ch Esp, Ch Int, Ch Cs, Pele

A.Rodrigues with Ch Port Cartaxo in Alentejo, South of Portugal -quail, hare, rabbit

Ch Italy (Show and Field trial) Ch Int, Ch WW2001 2003 2005 2006 Ch Complete Italian Liege de Torres

Ch Port Ch Int Tr. Nisa

Ch Mundo WW 2000 TAN Jói de Torres

Ch Int, Ch Port, Ch Bélg, Ch Eur 94, Ch Mundo WW 1995 Estoril de Torres

Falconry - the Lusitanian horse, the perdigueiro and the falcon, just like many centuries ago

Flamingo de Torres

High nose (field trial) - Lisboa de Torres

Moderate gallop (field trial)

Ch Port Capim de Torres

He brings to hand gracefully, by instinct, careful and persistent on earth as in the water, and delivers the game to the master without destroying it.


Because Perdigueiro is very affectionate and intelligent he can be trained easily and became a good home partner for children.

Portugal, 1957

Portugal, 1982, on the beach

Portugal, 1995