«de Torres’s Kennel» Breeder

«de Torres’s Kennel» Breeder - The most reliable quality perdigueiro breeder Criador Canil de Torres (CCT)

Because perdigueiro is a Portuguese breed with so many qualities and a valuable part of the genetics and socio-cultural national heritage, de Torres’s Kennel proceeds over thirty years with a very important mission concerning research, preservation, selection and divulgation of the Portuguese perdigueiro. A proper hunting territory, a very rigorous selection of reproductive males and females (all them hunting and qualified on field-trials, Test of natural aptitudes and breed shows, with X-ray dysplasia tests) a very serious method, working in quality and not in quantity the sole breed perdigueiro, give always their contribute to maintain «de Torres» as the maximum of the quality perdigueiro breeders, recommended by Pedigree.

The excellent hunting, morphological and character qualities of their perdigueiros and also all the Champion (Show and fieltrial awards - Portugal*, Spain, Gibraltar, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Brazil, USA, Europe, World Winner and International Champion) are a good reference. *Champion Portugal- required field-trials qualification.

Specialized in Portuguese Pointer (Perdigueiro). Quality breeding. Simultaneously supported on Hunting, Field Trials, Shows, Hip X-ray. Puppies occasionally available. LOP, Export pedigree, breeder tattoo, microchip, vaccines. Lineal descendant from Champions.