ORIGIN: Portugal
DATE OF PUBLICATION of the standard 1 st Official: 1988.
UPDATE: 1993, 2006
UTILIZATION: Hunting dog
CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 7 Pointing Dogs/ Trials

The Portuguese Pointer Dog is an active seeker, tenacious and passionate, methodically hitting the ground in search of game, putting the service of this mission all its smell and require all the attention to the search.

Works with persistence and skill, adapting to a variety of different terrains and weather conditions. Maintain a constant liaison with the hunter, revealing their attitudes and looks, the position of the tail and even the way he walks, the impressions felt by their olfactory acuity.

During the search switches the suspension gallop and trot off simple, easy, rhythmic, running and hitting the ground with initiative but trying to remain in contact with the hunter. With a determined nose, usually head high or seek an extension of topline of taking the wind, but can sometimes look for the trail in some detail and thoroughness. The tail moves laterally, taken horizontally, as if marking the rhythm.

When you awakens a faint effluvium sensory activity gradually decreases the forwarding progress in the direction from which it was captured, attentive ear and tail movements slower. In the case of a false alarm immediately returns to the initial search in progress, but if you realize that the play is close, lowers the swing, gearing up, head high and ears at attention, neck well extended. Once the amount of fumes that gets recommended so firmly, head still pointing in the direction of the piece; stare; ears at the listening position, stiff tail, held horizontally or slightly above; muscles under tension, regardless of what happens around.

When stopped, hardly aware that the piece went pedestrian control, guide ongoing spontaneous slow and cautious, possibly interspersed with short stops, trying to stop the game again.

Charges on land and water with ease giving the driver the piece, without damaging it.

Working standard of the breed Portuguese Pointer approved at the Special Meeting of the Portuguese Kennel Club on August 24, 1993 and maintained in 2006