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One of the most registered hunting dog among Portuguese hunters, excellent companionship for children and one of the most known and popular breeds in Portugal. An original Iberian breed, probably the most ancient pointing dog in the world, with the same morphology, function and character at least 1000 years ago.

It is nowadays the only one international recognized representative breed of the ancient Iberian or "Spanish" pointer, the ancestor of the English pointer. Its History is a little everywhere, in ancient Portuguese books and bibles, paintings, glazed tiles, sculptures or ancient photos, and is strictly connected to occidental Iberian people, and is considered a precious diamond of the genetic, social and cultural heritage of our country.

The Portuguese perdigueiro is an excellent dog to point and a real continental all ground, very affectionate and a natural passionate hunter in a moderate gallop or a light trot, adapting easily to any type of soil and climate, keeping constantly in contact with the master, that he does not loose out of sight. He brings to hand gracefully, by instinct, careful and persistent, and delivers the game to the master without destroying it.

Because Perdigueiro is a short haired dog, and very affectionate and intelligent, he is used as a good home partner for children. He is a medium sized dog (48-60 cm), well proportioned and solidly built, the hair is short and flat, the color chamois yellow, lighter, medium or darker, plain or with white spots in the front, chest, neck, feet and tail. The head has the lines of the skull and the face converging, and looks strong and square when faced, with a well marked stop.

This dog has a characteristic compact look. The tail was usually cut, hiding the genitals, but nowadays according European conventions, perdigueiros must have long tail, which must be no longer than hamstring. If you need to know something more concerning the oldest pointing dog in the world, you just need to click...

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