Because he is part of portuguese cultural heritage, although a common "dog street" as almost all portuguese breeds, we can see perdigueiro or a common type of this dog in a few forms of art, at least popular art and History. Loooking for old books and painting, pottery, sculptures or even common pictures, perdigueiro is commonly there, in particular last centuries. Also some younger books, films, videos and DVD are looking to take knowledge of this breed all around the world, a few centuries after he came to America, Africa, India or Japan. Some of those images we are colecting for a long time ago, that we publish here.

Séc. X - Lápide Sepulcral, pedra, Tomar

XII cent - Illumination, SªCruz Coimbra

Séc. XIII - Iluminura, Génesis, B.N. Lisboa

XIV cent - stone chest tomb, Monsaraz

XVI cent- Painting L.Cranach, Prado, Madrid

XVI cent - screen Nambam, Japan - MNAA, Lisbon

XVII cent - embroidered cotton strip, Índia - MNAA, Lisbon

XVII cent- tile, Estremoz

XVII cent - stone, Torres Vedras

XVIII cent , painting, Camargo coll, Brazil

1769, porcelain, Royal manufactures of Rato, City Museum, Lisbon

XVIII cent, tile, Mello palace, Lisbon

Séc. XVIII, azulejo, sacristia da Sé, Porto

1806, porcelain, Crown manufactures, Lisbon (pair)

1812, picture, Ferreirinha Museum, Oporto

1850, marble, Coimbra

XIX cent- Jar Ferdinand Saxe-Coburgo-Gotha II, Pena Palace, Sintra

XIX cent, painted clay, S. Miguel, Azores islands- Col. A.J Amaral

XIX cent, painting, Ajuda Palace, Lisbon

XIX cent, sepia, Gatão Farm, Oporto

XIX cent, tile, Aveiro

1904, marble, Regaleira Farm, Sintra

XIX-XX cent, glass bottles, Algarve and Setúbal

XX cent, Leonel Cardoso ceramics

XX cent, St. Lourenço ceramics, Alcobaça

XX cent, bronze, Mota, T. Vedras

XX cent, painted clay, Ed. Friskies, L. Valadares, Lisbon

XX cent, painted plate , Paula Gonçalves, Pera

XX cent, painted plate, Paula Gonçalves, Pera

XX cent, jewel porcelain, Vista Alegre, Lisbon

XX cent, pastel, C. Ribeiro, Lisbon

XX cent, pitcher and bowl painted, Lisbon

XX cent, painted jar, Coimbra

XX cent, painted lane, Montemor-o-Velho

XX cent, cufflinks, Vista Alegre, Lisbon

XX cent, painted plates, A. Villar de Souza, Monsaraz

XX cent, bronze, Netherlands

2004, silver, INCM, Lisbon



1937, book, Leopoldo Machado Carmona, I CNCT, Lisbon

1945, 1962, 1990, book, Domingos Barroso, Ed. Gazeta Aldeias, Oporto

1981, book, Manuel Correia, Ed. Tempos Livres, Lisbon

1984, book, Moisés Nascimento Costa, Porto Editora, Oporto

Jorge Rodrigues, Ed. Inapa, Lisboa, 1993

1994, book, Ed.SPS, coord Domingos Barroso, Aveiro


2000, vídeo VHS and DVD, Ed. Calibre 12, Lisbon

2005, CD/DVD Portuguese Breeds, Ed. PKC, Lisbon